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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not more a futuristic concept but it is real and it will change the economy and society in few years heavily.

Giants like: Google, IBM, Apple and Amazon use AI technology to transform the customer experience. For example, recently Starbucks used Alexa (Amazon’s cloud-based virtual assistant) to optimize its costumer experience. The application provides users with a voice-activated way to place their typical order (E.g. “Alexa, tell Starbucks to start my usual order.”) or check their card balance.

On the other side, small businesses are investigating how AI can help them drive down costs, better accommodate customers and remain competitive with their increasingly tech-driven peers. For those small businesses unfamiliar with AI, the risk to loose competitiveness is more than concrete and they need to make AI part of their company strategic planning because AI facilitate to achieve company’s goals. For example, for a company clothing store, probably the primary need is to have a predictive analytics technology to reduce staffing inefficiencies. A restaurant cares of autonomous delivery vehicles (for example using Uber’s Self-Driving Truck) or for company with complicated accounting, it might want to easy the process ( .

In conclusion, by setting specific and highly focused goals, companies make easier the identification of the right AI and the integration with the business.

Role of IT for AI

For companies business AI need a specific IT infrastructure to work properly, from which it cannot be detached for now. Using AI, it means also that companies have to adopt a modernised approach to IT (this means start using cloud computing solution, which they can easily auto scale according to the AI implemented).

In the long run, AI pay dividends and because the constant innovation of this market, companies must to keep a close eye to the market to avoid fell behind the competition.

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