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Society is continually transforming and social media are accelerating the process. They are vehicles for communication and they cannot be classified as good or bad, but people can evaluate their use.

Social Media have contributed to changing the interactions of people and the way people do business, consume entertainment and search for information. Nowadays, there are many stories that tell of their use for manipulating opinions, but are social media effective in this? Do they provide benefits to society and at what price? These questions and a lot more have an answer in this book.

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Table of content

Chapter 1 : Social Media Today

1.1 Phenomenon Definition. 1.2 Why now?. 1.3 Current Uses.

Chapter 2: The Rise of Social Media’s Influence. 

2.1 Communication Essentials. 2.2 The Power of Social Media. 2.3 How Social Media Affect Interpersonal Communication. 2.3.1       Language and Behaviour. 2.4 Social Media and Traditional Media. 2.4.1       Analysis of Traditional Media. 2.5 Current Situation.

Chapter 3: Impact on People’s Lives.

3.1 Are Social Media for Everyone?. 3.2 Political impact. 3.3 Marketing impact. 3.3.1       Consumer purchase process. 3.3.2       Companies. 3.4 Social Impact. 3.5 Major Benefits.

Chapter 4: Social Media Concerns. 

4.1 Drawback of Social Media. 4.1.1       Opinion Manipulation: Social Media vs. Traditional Media. 4.1.2       Addictions. 4.1.3       Cyber bullying. 4.1.4       Online video games. 4.1.5       Online Predators. 4.1.6       Disturbing Content. 4.1.7       Phishing and Fraud. 4.1.8       Other Inconveniences. 4.2 How to protect from Social Media’s threats. 4.3 Social Media and Data Privacy. 4.3.1       Surveillance programs.

Chapter 5: Are Social Media Temporary Phenomena?.

5.1 Critics. 5.2 SM and Artificial Intelligence. 5.3 Benefit for the Community.