Top 3 revolutionary transportation projects – available soon

transportationTransportation is undergoing one of the biggest transformations in history.

There are many projects under evaluation and many others under implementation. For example, we heard about flying cars, drones for public transportation, electric planes, self-driving bus etc.

Companies are investing in new ways for humans to get from one point to another in the most efficient way.

This article focuses on the top three developments we will see the realization soon.

  1. Hoverbike. This is a vehicle that can hover and resembles a motorbike. Among the company interested in the development, Aerofex has set the release date in 2017. The product will be named Aero-X. The vehicles rises 3.6 mt (10 feet) from the ground and it can reach a speed of 72 KM/h (45 miles/h). it is designed to transport 2 people and run for 1,24 hours. The engine is based on gasoline and the price starts from $85.000. The vehicle does not need a specific tarred surface and are safer for drivers because not based on wheels.
  2. Self driving cars. They are becoming a reality and some major automakers believe in a release date in semiautonomous vehicle by 2020 and a full autonomous vehicle in 10 years. The main benefit for users would be: increase of safety, more free time, reduction of carbon emissions and use of those also for elderly people or who does not have the ability to drive.
  3. Super Maglev Train. Chinese and Japanese researchers are working on a new and fastest version of Maglev (super Maglev). The current train is fastest train in the world and can reach 900 km/h (260 miles/h). To have a comparison, the fastest train in Europe is AGV Italo, which can reach 575 Km/h (357 m/h). The super Maglev could reach 6480 km/h (1800 m/h). To reduce the air resistance the researchers want encapsulate the train in a vacuum tube pressurised. As matter of fact, the challenge is the realisation of such huge infrastructure around the train.

If realised, such vehicles would change the demography in any country and also our behaviour.