How Artificial Inteligence can improve organisational effectiveness

organizational effectivenessIn modern world, the role of data in strategy, planning, and operations is a key competitive differentiator. Indeed, analytics already support critical decisions in sales, customer success, marketing and finance but data analytic has not a central role in case of decision for organisational effectiveness. This means they are not used to attract, maintain and motivate people or to improve people performance and manager effectiveness.

With current technology and findings, Data-driven insights could be also used reducing risk and driving success in decision-making for daily jobs and for any roles in the company and improving the entire organisational performance. Indeed, the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is acquiring, analysing, and providing output easy to comprehend for people and making easier the decision process.

For example, in case of HR, AI can find and provide valuable insights to HR (e.g. talent assessment, employee engagement, manager effectiveness), which could be missed by traditional procedure. In this way, HR can easily and quickly predict and understand workforce trends and problem areas; consequently, the organization will adopt the best solution to fix the issue.

In summary, the example above can be replicated for any company department. Indeed, providing AI to employee can optimize the effectiveness of the entire company with affordable cost.

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