Investors and SM as source of information

WealthyandSMRegarding the way to get information for their investments, investors have not the same approach and interest in SM.

“Social media usage — from Facebook to LinkedIn to YouTube — is a significant part of the daily lives of many investors” said George H. Walper, Jr., president of Spectrem.

The company has recently published the study: “Using Social Media and Mobile Technology In Financial Decisions” (2015) and according to it, the number of investors, who use SM to stay informed on financial topics, is growing. Facebook is the most used source of information with a 45% investors using it and followed by Linked In with 42%.
The study gives an idea of what is the SM behaviour of the the current investors and what will be in few years.
Indeed, Social Media are used most by young generations (See “Bittersweet Social Media” for detail) and also the average investor age, who uses SM, has this characteristic.
As the report states, these young investors will become middle-aged wealthy investors in few years and likely they will continue using their methodology, technology and social media for their information.
For the top first three categories of investors that do not use SM for getting information:
  • The 30% are ultra-millionaires ($5 million to $25 million in net worth), of which the highest percentage of people are older than 65 (37%);
  • The 26% are millionaires ($1 million to $5 million in net worth);
  • The 21% are mass affluent (100,000 to $1 million in net worth).
 In opposite, among the investors who use SM:
  • The 21% are millionaires ages 35 and younger who rely more on social media than traditional media for their information.
  • The 18% are ultra-millionaires’ investors ages 48 and younger.


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