Social Media and Company Awarness

Social Media and Brand awarnessIn the 1950s, for the media industry the television became a fundamental medium for advertisement. The consecutive half century, television commercials were almost essential for corporate brands for driving consumers and creating demand. With time, the advertisement industry has changed because the development of social media and because the consumers’ behaviour and expectations have also changed. Now these new media represent valid alternatives to reach and capture consumer interest.

Compared to traditional media, SM have different rules and method because now consumers can control what they want to hear and watch. Also for the ads, consumers expect authenticity and relevance from them.

This means that today it is more difficult establish the brand rather than the past because the brand reputation and offer value are essential and constantly challenged by the market.

I give few ideas how to establish and increase the brand awareness in the market:

  1. Use the SM platform that suits your brand.
    1. Facebook is one of the best platform for promoting brand awareness because it is very popular among people but the users base is too heterogeneous.
    2. Instagram is a great option for brands that rely heavily on images.
    3. Google+ can be a great SM for targeting men in the technology industry (most of the roles are in engineering or other technical professions).
    4. Pinterest, on the other hand, is valuable for targeting reach women, so this means that can be useful for brands selling jewelry or clothing.
    5. LinkedIn, also very popular and can represents a good choice in case of promotion of business-related content and connecting with other corporate influencers. 
  1. Use SM to distribute valuable content. Brand awareness increases if your brand’s name circulate in SM and has also good feedback from consumers. This means the published content should please to your average reader and be interesting in terms of content and for form used. In brief, try to use the following method:
    1. Provide only content that supports your brand image. Do not attempt to use form that cannot be easily understand by your audience. The effect will be opposite to what desired.
    2. Carefully evaluate the content form that most likely provides visibility on your social networks. For example, images may resonate better with your audience but offer less information than a blog posts.
    3. Visual content is very well perceived by viewers. Usually articles with images receive 94% more views. Twitter content with images receives nearly twice as many views as text posts.

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