Social Media and Small Businesses

SM_smbSocial Media (SM) are one of the most important factors that small businesses owners must consider running the business.
This new media represent a convenient show case for companies business but Social Media must be managed properly to be effective. Business owners can decide the level of visibility for their company; for example, restaurants focus on local visibility and trading companies probably are more interested to global visibility.
Companies need to know that SM can also capture the consumers’ interests or critics and these are opportunities for business grow if they make the opportune corrections in time. Indeed, customer feedbacks are free advices for companies to make things right.
Users’ feedbacks and reviews are powerful and they can boost or destroy the company business because consumers’ decision are influenced by those. Top scores mean that the company is good in the business and make clients happy.

Using appropriate programs, business owners are able to track their social media metrics. The software provide data regarding the SM effectiveness and productivity. In particular, the programs inform if the company reaches the right target audience and the effect generated. They provide also details regarding the messages sent, for example what are the most effective posts, audience’s locations, what is the best time of day to post the message.
From a Marketing point of view, SM are very cost effective (cheap and with an adequate level of audience targeting) but they have to be used with a clear Marketing strategy in mind. Strategy means also teaching the employee to the correct use of these channels for a professional communication with clients. A lack of education and instruction can generate confusing messages, poor professionalism and dissatisfied customers.
This happen also when owners do not separate personal SM with business SM because consumers can be influenced by personal opinion, tastes or personal events.

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