The evolution of the ‘Internet of Things’: Internet of Nano Things(IONT)

iontAs soon as it is believed that a new frontier is approaching another one shows up at the horizon. In this case I’m talking about the “Internet of Nano Things”. This is a connection system based on a series of very small components capable of circular even in our body or be mixed in the materials used for the construction of buildings and things and that are connected together to exchange information.

IONT uses nano devices (comparable to one hundred nanometers), which, taken individually, are able to provide enough functionality and perform simple tasks but, if supported by IOT, may perform more complex tasks.

This new technology can be used in so different contexts. For example, in the medical field, going to integrate the body area network and allow a more accurate communication of body values as shown in the image below.


They can also be integrated into other components in order to have very accurate maps and rich in detail as changing light, magnetic fields, chemical concentrations in the air, electrical current etc.

Is currently being studied, the method of communication between these nano devices. There are two hypotheses on the subject:

  1. Molecular communication. The information (message) would be encoded and enclosed in a molecule and then be received and decoded by another molecule.
  2. Electromagnetic communication. The message is sent using electromagnetic radiation released by components present in nano-materials.

Unfortunately, there are not many details available about these methods of transmission and must remit the full explanation for the near future.

Although this may seem fascinating and definitely can help to improve the conditions of human life, we must also reflect on the dangers they pose to the protection of privacy and personal safety. In fact, as I nano devices are so small that they can deliberately or inadvertently be easily inhaled or introduced in the body, they may cause reactions of our immune system or be toxic. In addition, these devices can be integrated into materials for the construction of houses and other objects, even without our knowledge, and could capture and release personal information.